Early Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment

The Australian Association of Orthodontists advises that children should have an orthodontic assessment no later than seven years of age.


Why is early treatment important?

The old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ couldn’t be more accurate than with children’s teeth. It’s paramount that parents establish a regular and hygienic routine with their child’s oral health at an early age to prevent plaque build-up which can lead to cavities and gum disease in later years.


What is involved in an early treatment consultation?

The primary purpose of an early treatment consultation is to evaluate your child’s teeth and jaws to identify any problems which could arise as your child’s mouth continues to develop. By identifying any potential problems early, we can effectively reduce the amount of orthodontic work your child may need in the future. At your child’s initial assessment, our orthodontists will create a treatment plan for any potential issues which may arise in the future.

Family friendly practice

At Gold Coast Orthodontics, we understand that children can easily get scared at the dentist so we work together to ensure each young patient is as comfortable as possible. Our orthodontist, Dr Steven Semaan, has five children of his own so he certainly understands the importance of an early treatment consultation!