Insignia Braces

Customised Braces That Gets Results

While Insignia braces uses the same brackets and archwire method as traditional metal braces, this is where the similarities essentially ends. The cutting-edge software and technology used with Insignia braces enables our orthodontists to customise treatment to your individuals needs with results being achieved faster.


How does Insignia work?

The Insignia treatment process starts with our orthodontist determining that Insignia braces is the most beneficial treatment plan for your individual needs. At this point, we’ll use the advanced Insignia software to create a tailored treatment plan and customise your own set of braces.

Insignia uses cutting-edge 3D software to analyse your facial profile which allows us to see the ideal position in which your teeth should be situated. What’s even better is that you can see what your new smile and straight teeth will look like when treatment has finished.

What are the benefits of Insignia braces?

  • Customisation – Insignia technology allows us to design your braces specifically for your individual needs which means you’ll see results faster.
  • Comfort – They are much more comfortable than ‘off-the-shelf- braces simply because Insignia technology allows us to customise braces for your teeth so they’ll fit perfectly.
  • Speed – Treatment is faster and more effective considering that your braces are designed and fitted for your teeth only.
  • Convenience – With faster and more effective treatment, you’ll require less orthodontic appointments.
  • Results – Using Insignia’s 3D software, you’ll be able to see what your new teeth and smile will look like before you even start treatment.

How do I know if Insignia is right for me?

If your dentist has referred you to Orthodontist Gold Coast for orthodontic treatment, there is a good chance that Insignia braces will be a suitable option for you. During your free consultation, we’ll assess your treatment needs and advise you on the treatment option that we believe will be the most effective.

Even if you haven’t been referred to us but would like to discuss orthodontic treatment, contact us today.